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Rocket Rama Copter Is The Best Flying Toy For Hours Of Fun For The Whole Family

Rocket Rama copter is an amazing outdoor toy that provides hours of fun both day and night. This toy is unique in being able to work during the day and night. Most helicopter toys require day time operation and either electricity or sometime of fuel to operate. Rocket Rama requires two pieces to operate, a rubber band and the launching stick, or slinger.


Once launched into the air, the toy acts like a whirlwind and spirals down back to the ground. Each launch sends the toy very high into the air to maximize the fun. Operation is requires you to simply hook the rubber band to both the toy and the slingshot launcher. Then you draw the toy back and sling the toy up into the air. When operating at night you can switch on the LED lights and experience a “fire storm” of fun!

Best Flying Toys For Outdoor Fun

Rocket Rama is the simply the best toy for sustained outdoor fun. Take it to the beach or anywhere you go and see how crowds of children gather around to see this amazing toy in action. all of our Rocket Rama copters have special LED lights with an on/off switch. We also offer full replacement supplies, such as extra batteries, replacement wings, rubber bands, and rocket slingers sticks to keep your Rocket Rama flying all-year long.

Looking For Toys To Take Camping?

Rocket Rama is the best choice for adding lasting fun on your family camping trip. Designed to provide hours of fun, The button cell battery in a Rocket Rama can produce glow roughly for up to 20 hours. When battery begins to gradually fade, that is when you know it is time for a replacement. Simply, return to this site to get the parts you need when you need them.


To all of you, from all of us at Rocket Rama - Thank you and Happy Flying!

Greg Bechtol
President of Rocket Rama Inc.